Three Skills to Add to Your Repertoire

We are perfectly poised for long and rewarding careers, as long as we understand key opportunities. Are you ready to adapt to trends in the $1.5 trillion wellness market? Your current and potential clients are looking for programs and services that are at the fingertips of savvy fitness professionals. 

Here are three key skills that will have you serving your clients’ needs in the years to come: 

Skill #1: Moving Towards Better Sleep

With most adults stating that they aren’t getting enough sleep, we owe it to provide guidance towards better sleep hygiene. Its impact on productivity, energy, food choices and more makes improving sleep a priority. 

Supporting your clients towards better sleep means coaching them habits from the time they wake up in the morning and includes their use/misuse of devices and screens, times of day they choose to exercise, use of caffeine, activities they do the hours leading up to bedtime, their sleep routine and environment. A little bit of research will go a long way in setting your clients up for success. 

Skill #2: Feeding Our Physical and Immune Health

Never has the general population been more aware of their immunity, and now is the perfect time to get louder about how nutrition impacts immune health. Eating out less in 2020 meant that we discovered new and old recipes thereby improving the nutritional value of our meals. 

As clients are more curious about ingredients and their impact on health we are poised to grow our knowledge thanks to certifications such as canfitpro’s Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach. Join our PRO TRAINER Louise Vigneault on November 19th and 20th for this fantastic asset to your services. 

Skill #3: Strengthening Our Mental Health

Fitness pros have shared with me that they know fitness impacts mental health, but don’t feel comfortable discussing it with clients and mentioning it in classes. We’re confident in listing oodles of benefits of physical activity on physical health, and we owe it to ourselves and the ones we serve to become better acquainted with the same as it relates to mental health. This doesn’t mean we would claim to assess or solve challenges, but it would mean that we could listen with the same level of compassion and support to someone sharing they’re struggling with anxiety as we would someone struggling with knee pain. 

Begin by learning more about mindfulness, breathing techniques, ways to manage stress, and be able to provide resources to your clients if they need more. 


Choosing how to diversify can be overwhelming, take a moment to survey your clients and your own desire to grow. Take it one step at a time and continue to build your network of colleagues and partners who can fulfill the needs of those you serve. 

Feeling stuck in your career? You are not alone! This is the feeling I hear most often from fitness professionals who are looking for a change. Contact me so that together we can catapult your career forward. I am here to help you!


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