As a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and Yoga teacher, Nathalie can provide you with the coaching you need to support your physical, mental, and immune health goals!

Connect with Nathalie to determine if her joyful and mindful coaching style is the right fit for you.


Launch your career as a fitness professional with the coaching and mentorship from the best PRO TRAINER team!

  • You’ll be guided to choose the certification that is best suited for your goals
  • You’ll get FREE training on launching your virtual fitness services
  • You’ll get connected to job opportunities with partner clubs and studios
  • You’ll get discount on continual learning thanks to education partners
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Personal Training Specialist

The comprehensive Personal Training Specialist course is designed to prepare you to train clients in a one-on-one or small group (2-3 people) setting. Finish the course ready to pass your certification exams and confidently begin your career as a personal trainer!

Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach

Nutrition information is constantly evolving and being able to decipher this information and apply it to fat loss strategies is essential for success. This program will allow you to understand healthy eating, the value of regular activity and ways to reduce body fat. This course will provide excellent strategies and tools for fitness professionals to help them educate others about how to build a healthier body.

Fitness Instructor Specialist

A qualified Fitness Instructor Specialist leads group fitness classes in various setting and formats thanks to in-depth knowledge of group leadership, musicality, the latest fitness trends, and so much more. Finish the course ready to pass your certification exams and launch your career as a motivating group fitness instructor!


The purpose of this training is to leave you feeling secure enough to react quickly and effectively in an emergency situation. A valid (within 1 year of issue date) CPR is required to complete all canfitpro certification programs.



Personal training is a rapidly growing profession, which can make it difficult to sort through the options and choose the best avenue to become qualified to train clients. canfitpro provides the answer with the Personal Training Specialist (PTS) certification. You will learn the foundational skills necessary to confidently and competently train apparently healthy individuals. A canfitpro certified PTS is qualified to assess, design, and deliver individual and small group training programs in a health club, home, and workplace setting.

Canada’s leading personal training certification designation, the canfitpro Personal Training Specialist program provides comprehensive program content and a wide range of practical skills that will ensure success to those who hold the designation. canfitpro has collaborated with Human Kinetics Publishing Inc. to create a multimedia learning experience for personal trainers that is second to none!


  • Aspects of fitness, wellness and basic training principles
  • Nutrition and bioenergetics
  • Cardiorespiratory, skeletal, and muscular system anatomy and function
  • Flexibility, mobility, and fascia
  • Passive and dynamic assessments
  • Periodized program design and delivery
  • The business of personal training



A demonstration of the leadership, motivation and practical training required for group exercise instructors who wish to train to develop a safe and effective exercise class.


  • Aspects of fitness, wellness and basic training principles
  • Fitness theory: skeletal, muscular, neurological, cardiovascular and pulmonary systems
  • Kinesiology/anatomy in action and bioenergetics
  • Components of a fitness class from the warm-up to the cool-down
  • Musicality: phrasing, cueing and appropriate music selection
  • Leadership and motivation skills
  • Special populations and injuries


  • A dynamic fitness class that is safe and fun to join
  • Exercise modifications for various levels of participants
  • A motivational exercise environment
  • A variety of class formats (step, low impact, boxing, muscle conditioning)
  • Effective exercise demonstration and instruction
  • Support and encouragement for all participants


For the majority of people, exercise alone is not enough to create lasting weight loss and health.

Knowing that rates of overweight and obesity are increasing across Canada, canfitpro has created the Healthy Eating & Weight Loss (HWL) Coach program. Choose to gain the certification and work with clients or learn simply to empower your own healthy choices.

The Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach program delivers information in a straightforward manner so you can confidently help clients make better choices; more often, lose weight, and lead healthier lives!

Nutrition information is constantly evolving and being able to decipher this information and apply it to fat loss strategies is essential for success. This program will allow you to understand healthy eating, the value of regular activity and ways to reduce body fat. This course will provide excellent strategies and tools for fitness professionals to help them educate others about how to build a healthier body.


  • The current epidemic of obesity
  • The science of nutrition (physiology, metabolism & digestion)
  • Macro and Micronutrients
  • Food intake practices to optimize fat loss
  • Psychology of fat loss and behavior modification
  • How to start the fat loss journey


The chances are quite good that in your lifetime you will be involved in a situation which will require familiarity with CPR and AED. Our training is designed to be user friendly so that all people, regardless of ability, will gain the confidence necessary to act effectively until trained emergency personnel arrive at the scene.

The reality of an emergency situation is that seconds count. Congratulate yourself that you have decided to become part of a growing number of people who are going to use these precious seconds to make a difference!

CPR & AED courses are accessible, affordable and attainable, designed to provide members of the public with the knowledge and technique that is needed to properly perform CPR in any unforeseen emergency.

Courses are based on accepted international standards and will teach you how to react in an emergency situation; whether it is for work-related purposes or other unforeseen personal emergencies. The CPR & AED courses were developed in accordance with recommendations from International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) Consensus on Science.



DATE: 27, 28 et 29 octobre
PRO TRAINER: Marie-Eve Ricard
COURSE ID: #119005



A kinesiologist, Alexandre maintained his passion for teaching by being a anatomy and physiology tutor .  He’s been a canfitpro PTS PRO TRAINER since 2014 and also teaches YMCA’s FIT individual instructor program.

Science-based information as always been an important aspect of Alexandre`s teaching, as well as part of his practice. First a personal trainer for more than a decade, now a business owner, it was paramount for him to share that knowledge with his clients and students. Alexandre became master trainer for TriggerPoint, METAfit and METApwr.

An avid climber, he climbed both Canada`s highest peak, Mount Logan (5959m) as well as North America`s highest summit, Mount Denali (6194m). He pursues a great interest in the functional training sphere,  favoring steelmace, kettlebell and TRX  as training tools. Sharing his time between teaching, training and the outdoors, he takes care of his business adventure with his fellow PRO TRAINER Arianne La Salle, the Studio Inspire A+.


PRO FORMATRICE RCR et DEA et MAÎTRE PRO FORMATRICE  Premiers soins & RCR et DEA, Cathy est dans le domaine du secourisme depuis plus de 20 ans. Forte de ses expériences de réanimation, elle veut faire connaitre à un maximum de personne les techniques et les facteurs de risques afin de sauver le maximum de vies. Prônant une approche simple et pratique, elle vous donnera confiance en vous afin de bien réagir dans les situations d’urgence.


After a major car accident in 1989, Louise had to learn to walk again and to get her strength back for the many sports she was practicing, she decided to join a gym and she felt in love with pumping iron and as they say, the rest is history.

She holds a certificate in Fitness and Nutrition Leadership Program from Humber College and many certifications in different disciplines as she strongly believes we should be balanced in mind, body and soul.  She is certified canfitpro Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Healthy Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach; she is EWYT Yoga 500; a Pilates Mat Instructor; a Reiki Master-Teacher; a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner.

In 2003, she decided to leave her corporate job to follow her passion in fitness and wellness and became a PRO TRAINER for all the canfitpro certifications.   Over the years, she received many awards as a canfitpro PRO TRAINER. Louyse is a bundle of energy and her goal for all the courses she teaches, is to make sure you succeed in your WHY.


Marie-Eve Ricard holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical and Health Education and has been working in the fitness industry for the past 20 years. Starting out as a group fitness instructor, she quickly distinguished herself through her professionalism and leadership. Enjoying new challenges, Marie-Eve took the plunge into the virtual world. This allows her to offer group courses for various French and English companies across Canada.

Accumulating notable achievements as a Team Leader in Quebec, coordinator at the UQTR sports center, Marie-Eve also started her own business. She continues to excel in the industry as an FIS and CPR PRO TRAINER for canfitpro. This multi-talented fitness enthusiast spreads her passion through various services at home, in businesses and on the water.


After completing her B. Sc. in Kinesiology, Samantha spent four years in her role at the Nautilus Plus Place Montreal Trust branch as their Assistant General Manager, Personal and Small Group Trainer. From there she moved within the non-profit sector and became a Fitness Coordinator at Montreal’s JCC, the Sylvan Adams YM-YWHA. Samantha created, developed and ran a new department of teen fitness and wellness programs. Having gained valuable experiences applying her skills within the not-for-profit sector, Samantha joined the team at Victoria Park Fitness Club, where she held the title of General Manager for two years and transitioned the company through new ownership. Along with her years of experience as a fitness trainer concentrating in wellness and sustainable lifestyle changes, Samantha specializes in hiring top fitness trainers and coaching them on continued education as part of her management skills. 

Samantha is extremely passionate about food and healthy eating! She believes in following a balanced diet while enjoying everything in moderation. Her enjoyment in the kitchen comes from finding quick and healthy meals and snacks with as few ingredients as possible, making sure she spends more time enjoying the food than actually cooking it!