Should Fitness be Tax Deductible?

The fragility of health care systems all over the world have come to light in the past year and the fitness industry quickly realized how it is not seen as an essential service by government officials, medical experts, or the general public. We’ve been surprised and hit hard by this realization, but I don’t think most of us were shocked. Less than 20% of the population exercises in a structured environment and if we’re honest with ourselves, we know that we’ve spent way too much time and energy talking about the bodies we sculpt, and not enough about the lives we save. 

It’s not entirely our fault, but it very much is our responsibility to do better. We need to act, speak, and market ourselves as an integral part of the preventative health care system. Take what should really be described as a “sick care system” and pivot it (because we’re experts at that now!) into true health care. 

I’m proud to be the VP of the Fitness Industry Council of Canada which has taken its most powerful stance to improve the lives of Canadians, asking the federal government to include fitness memberships and services as a medical cost on our personal taxes. This tax incentive would elevate Canada as a global leader by becoming a nation that supports and promotes health and wellness as part of a national health care strategy. 


If you live in Canada please share this link!

All fitness leaders can contact their local representatives and ask their clients and participants to do the same. Let them know that every penny and step invested in fitness has a direct impact on the billions of health care system costs related to sedentary behavior.

And in your day-to-day efforts in serving others remember to focus less on the bodies we sculpt and more on the lives we save!  

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