Catapult Your Career

Just 4 weeks to help you identify the right recipe for you to be successful and feel fulfilled!

Do You Feel Stuck?

  • Do you feel stuck in a rut of the same old sessions, classes, and clients?
  • Do you crave feeling stimulated every day?
  • Is the routine of having to haggle over your pricing exhausting you?
  • Do you feel almost ready to make the leap into big growth opportunities?
  • Do you need a network of motivated and successful fitness leaders to keep you mindful and driven?


You’re not alone, and I can help!

I promise you we can get things moving again, and quickly!

There are recipes you can follow to catapult your career, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

It’s gonna be fine, and it’s gonna be fun!

I’ve had the pleasure of supporting health and fitness professionals in their career launch and growth for over 25 years in a variety of settings and I KNOW how to turn passion into profit! I’ve worked for small studios and the largest chains of clubs as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, Yoga teacher, and fitness manager and as the VP of canfitpro saw countless fit pros begin and then success in their careers.

I’ve coached thousands of qualified pros through the steps following certification, taking their fitness career from part-time to full-time,choosing how to specialize and diversify, and shake up their careers when their countless hours of work didn’t lead to enough revenue. Many of those I’ve mentored have enjoyed award-winning careers!

My Catapult Your Career program is the culmination of years of experience first hand fitness career highs and lows, learning, coaching, growing, and finally quitting my big executive position to do what I know will truly make a difference for my fitfam. I’m providing you with the safe space you need to grow with confidence and thrive in your business!

If you’re craving the opportunity to grow as a fitness professional thanks to a program full of proven recipes and optimism then I’m excited to share:

Catapult Your Career

The 4-week 1:1 coaching program for fitness professionals to take you from coasting to thriving in your career.

  • Assess your current schedule
  • Determine if your time and energy is optimally focused based on your goals and desires
  • Confirm if you’ve chosen the right workplace culture
  • Determine if you should specialize or diversify to grow your passion and success
  • Enacted strategies that will ensure you relaunch the next few months energized

Customization Call

Feature #1

1:1 mentorship means you get what YOU need from Catapult Your Career. This call therefore allows me to understand your unique needs at this point in time in your career. We’ll work together to determine the outcomes that are most meaningful to you and your business.

1:1 Mentoring Calls

Feature #2

4-weeks of calls when you’ll have my undivided attention and care. Together we will determine where you are, where you want to go, and how you can get there. I’ll passionately support you to implement strategies that will result in exciting career growth.

Path to Success

Feature #3

What’s mine is yours! I’ll connect you with opportunities, companies, and people based on your unique goals. I will recommend live and online development tools such as books, online courses, seminars, conferences, mentors, and more to continue your path of success and growth.

Imagine ending each day knowing your career is on the best path towards helping people succeed in their fitness goals AND your career goals!

Nathalie is a mentor who challenged me with her sincere encouragement and genuine care throughout my entire career in fitness. Her ability to tap into my potential allowed me to grow, seek new challenges and build my confidence as both a group fitness instructor and conference presenter. Through her unique leadership style and her expertise, Nathalie continues to help shape me so I can continue to grow and thrive in my career!
Lisa Mastracchio
canfitpro Fitness Instructor of The Year 2019

Catapult Your Career is a unique and exciting mentoring program for fitness professionals who crave an opportunity to succeed more than ever before!

But 1:1 coaching only works if we’re a good fit.

Take a few moments to fill out this needs assessment so we can determine if I’m the right coach for you!

Catapult Your Career Breakdown​

  • Assess and determine and your unique selling proposition and brand
  • Prioritize your time and energy based on your goals
  • Create and implement the strategies that support your career goals
  • Determine the clubs and studios you’re best suited for, or if your own business is the best direction
  • Learn how to establish programs and services that will sell in your market
  • Develop the soft skills needed to communicate your new rates with confidence and aplomb
  • Feel excited about your growth and future endeavors!
I have been incredibly fortunate to have Nathalie as my friend and mentor for the past 11 years, during that time her loving support and belief in me has helped me realize many goals in my career. Her coaching comes from a place of caring and love, by asking difficult questions she has helped me find my way through the most challenging situations.
Nicky Coyne
PRO TRAINER of The Year award winner 2019


Nathalie's Thriving Through Fitness Trends Webinar Workshop


Nathalie's 4 Steps to Propel Your Fitness Career Video Series


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Catapult Your Career is a unique and exciting mentoring program for fitness professionals who crave an opportunity to succeed more than ever before!

But 1:1 mentoring only works if we’re a good fit. 

Take a few moments to fill out this needs assessment so that I can determine if I’m the right coach for you.

Beyond being an amazing leader, Nathalie is a caring and compassionate mentor and human. Nathalie quickly identifies the strengths in everyone she coaches and changing her style to give the support each individual required to grow and take risks without fear of failure.
Brandi Danford
Human Resources Manager at canfitpro

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