Their Hourly Rate Will Never Match Your Value

Should you work for a gym or studio where the hourly rate proposed or even the top of their wage band will never match your value? Maybe, but only if you’re taking a fresh look at compensation and think beyond the hourly rate. 

It might be the gym you’ve worked at for a while or a new facility that’s looking for staff; if you feel connected to their brand, culture, and member experience it might be worth discussing future earnings that get you closer to the compensation you deserve. 


  • Take a fresh look at compensation: Consider other means of renumeration outside of hourly rates, and see if the owner or manager is open to including these in your compensation package: 
    • Special events: offering classes or training sessions at a much higher rate during an open house, “bring a friend” day, etc. as they are often high membership sales day and have extra revenue to work with.
    • Profit sharing: demonstrate that your services are key to the club’s success by negotiating a share in the monthly profits. These can be linked to total sales and renewals or focused on the department you work in. 
    • Affiliate fees: participate in social media campaigns bringing in new business by posting and sharing. If a system is in place having a code (i.e. “Nathalie10” for an extra 10% off) makes tracking simple, if not then agreeing to a certain number of posts which gives you a percentage of the total revenue earned during the campaign. 
    • Workshops: offer a monthly workshop for members and guests which both you and the club will promote and share the revenue 50/50. Based on your area of expertise some hot topics can include:
      • Top ways to recover quickly from your workouts
      • Cardio or weights; which should be my priority? 
      • Top sitting posture tips if you work from home
      • How mindful breathing can improve your results

Run the math on your total monthly income and determine if it now matches your value. Make sure the club is open to these strategies as you can’t succeed alone; understanding their business goal and how they connect to your career goals is key to these joint entrepreneurship plans.  

Getting creative and taking ownership of my compensation is how I’ve had the pleasure of working with lots of employers who otherwise weren’t meeting my rates. It’s allowed me to only earn what I deserve, but also grow as a fitness and wellness leader and do what I love. 


Want to see tip #1? Check that out here. Plus, I have more negotiation tips here.


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