The Summer that Sets You Up for Staying Power

Real talk: the fitness industry must have a solid Fall season, or we will see even more closures. And let’s not kid ourselves; when gyms close and fitness professionals leave the industry, we ALL lose. It doesn’t mean the competition gets eliminated, it means the public loses trust in us as a whole. A thriving industry leads to confidence, and an improvement in our reputation. 

In other words, the success of one means the success of us all. So what are you doing this summer while many clients are focused on leisure, travel, and soaking in the sun? Here are ways to set yourself up for staying power: 

Evaluate your programs, pricing, and partners

  • Look at your offers, your packages, and your classes. Are you still excited about bringing these to your community? Have they lost their appeal to you or your clients? You can relaunch at any time but Autumn “back to school” is a perfect opportunity.  
  • Know your true value and make it so! Discounting based on the 2 people who will object to a price increase is preposterous and sets you up for constant requestioning of your worth. Decide on your hourly or package rate and set-up an appropriate communication plan.  
  • Ask your gym owner what their plans are for Fall; and be prepared to make a move if the response sounds like “go back to what we were doing in 2019”. There is no going back, and you deserve to be partnered with a workplace that understands the future of our industry. 

Dig deep into learning and growth

  • The quieter summer months are perfect to spend time working ON your business. What’s your most needed career upskill? I’ve chosen a couple of digital courses I’m excited to begin in July. 
  • Craving a combination of learning and networking and inspiration? I’m giddy with anticipation about my first in-person canfitpro event since August 2019!! I’ll have the privilege of presenting 3 sessions at the canfitpro Global Conference and Tradeshow August 10th to 14th including the must-attend, if I do say so myself 😊, “From Employee to Entrepreneur” with my colleagues Jessica Maurer and two panels that will rock your world. 

And I of course have a discount to share!! Check out the event here and use code BM25 to save 25%  

Recharge your own batteries

  • We have been hustling hard!! Fill up your own cup; take an actual day off. Like really off; no clients, no classes, not even social media. 


  • Create a routine and schedule that will help you live an authentic healthy lifestyle with September comes along; practice what you preach and prioritize your mental health, your sleep, and your recovery. 

Feeling overwhelmed with all the industry trends and not sure where you fit in fitness? I understand, and I can help. Reply to this email and we’ll set up a discovery call to decide on a plan that works for you. 


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