The One Habit Fitness Pros Need to Break

Sometimes our passion for fitness has us running too hot, and we start looking at our colleagues and peers as competition. This often leads to feelings of inadequacy, poor decision-making, and behaviors that negatively impact ourselves and our profession. 

One impressive result of the crisis we’ve faced since 2020 is that we came together to share ideas, support one another when we were down, find solutions and challenge one another to grow. 



Fitness leaders are finally working collaboratively to be part of the health care solution.

We aren’t competition against one another.

We’re competing against the pain of sedentary living.


As soon as we remember that we can only truly impact our communities when we work as a united front, we begin to finally attract more than the tiny 15% of the population that exercises in a structured setting. Let’s break the habit of falling into the crisis of scarcity that often comes from a competitive mindset.  


If you’d like to know more about the collaborative work that continues to take place, I invite you to join the Fitness Industry Council of Canada. Click here for membership options for individual fitness pros as well as facilities. You’ll see how our strategies, communication, calls, and collaborations will bring abundance to your career and business!


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