Major Labor Shortage in Fitness: What it Means for You

Never before has our industry seen such a significant shortage in labor; recruiting the right talent to fill positions is the biggest and most immediate challenge clubs and studios are facing as we head towards our “back to school” season. 

What does this mean for qualified fitness leaders? 

You hold more power than ever before related to the workplace culture you choose, the clients you want to serve, your compensation, and the success of your career. 

Here are ten questions to ensure you’re setting yourself up from a position of confidence in choosing an employer: 

Your Potential Compensation

This goes well beyond hourly rates! If you’re simply choosing a gym based on a few extra dollars per hour you could be cheating yourself out of fantastic opportunities. Prioritize the following list and inquire about:

  • Base rate and opportunities for commission, profit share, etc. 
  • Subsidies related to education, equipment and learning 
  • Organizational chart and opportunities for growth and development 
  • Health benefits packages, vacation policies, and discounts with partners
  • Rewards and recognition around loyalty and performance
  • Coaching and leadership around your career and development 

Their Strategic Objectives

Inquire about their goals, challenges, and what they have planned for your role. You’ll be able to identify the level of certainty. 

  • Is there a risk of them not keeping you on if you don’t hit goals?
  • Are they planning on launching new programs or services? 
  • Are they looking to attract a new type of clientele? 
  • Will their priorities change in the near future? 
  • Do they keep track of industry trends and adjust their business model accordingly? 

It can be overwhelming to stay on top of all the changes taking place in fitness while providing phenomenal services to your clients and classes; my best tip is to surround yourself with the best networking and learning opportunities. 

To help you prepare for a critically important Fall season, I shared more suggestions with Mo Hagan on Instagram Live today, check out the video here. 


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