I Know My “Why”, What’s Next?

You’ve done the work to identify your “why”. You’ve read the books, been on the webinars, spent time reflecting. You’re now clear on you’re the reason you’ve dedicated your fitness career to serving others. Great! Now, what do you do with that information? 

It becomes the filter you use to make decisions moving forward: the places you chose to work, the classes and clients you take on, the partners you collaborate with, the projects you invest your time and energy into. 

Here are your next 2 steps:


Make a list of your non-negotiables.

These should include:

The types of company cultures, classes, and clients you will NOT work with. These could be elite athletes, or meditation, or people over 70. There is no offence taken or given here! It’s just not what brings you joy. Better yet – expand your network with fantastic colleagues to refers these opportunities to. 

The revenue/rate that reflects your value. This starts with an hourly or package rate, then includes ways to build your compensation meaningfully and sometimes creatively. Maybe you get a bonus for every personal training client you bring in as a new member or you get a percentage from each sale by sharing a marketing campaign on your social media. Entrepreneurs are more open than ever to new ways of finding a solution.  


Let your WHY be the essence of your brand.

It’s the key ingredient to:

Attracting the right opportunities to you! The fastest and best way for potential employers and clients to know if you’re the right fit for them is by clearly knowing what you stand for. 

Streamlining your services and offers! I hear too often how fitness pros decide note to launch a program or class because they saw someone else market “the same thing for less money” on social media. The integrity between your why, your brand, and your work are key to feeling confident in your rates and packages and keep feelings of imposter syndrome at bay. 


Don’t skip ahead! If you haven’t taken the much-needed and deserved time to identify your raison-d’être, the efforts and energy you put into branding and marketing, and negotiation will be far less fruitful. If you’re exhausted or are feeling stuck take some time to reflect and you’ll go from a job you like to a career you love 😊


What’s Next

If you want to know more about building a career you love, mark your calendars to join Jessica Maurer and me as we hop into bed again on September 20th at 11:30am ET. We are going to be sharing with you tips to take you from a job you like to a career you love while answering your questions live.

Register for this event here.



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