Great Holiday Gifts for Fit Pros

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Training and technology! The two themes that were omnipresent in 2020 as we adapted and pivoted our way around the fitness industry. Having enjoyed a 25 years fitness career, I never thought I’d spent countless hours researching and re-engineering my bandwidth and wifi to optimize my AV streaming capabilities in order to provide my services!? But here we are, nearing the end of this oh-so peculiar year, having learned so much about ourselves and our capabilities that we should marvel at our resilience.

As we get ready to spread to cheer this holiday season let’s spoil ourselves and our colleagues while setting up a wonderfully successful 2021! We are leaders, and leaders are learners so we need to equip ourselves with the skills and gadgets that will make connecting and coaching our clients much easier moving forward.

Here’s the “Santa’s List” for training, stay tuned for technology next week


Personal Trainers and Small Group Trainers

Helping your clients not only prevent injury but also improve performance is critical to a sustainable training business. The Rehab-U Certification will provide you with principles to effectively assess and establish the fundamentals of movement: mobility, stability/motor control, patterning and sequencing.

***Use code NATHALIE50 to save $50 off the Level 1 Certification***


Fitness Pros Looking to Move to Virtual

Virtual group and personal training have revolutionized our industry and are now part of our reality. The THINK Yourself® A VIRTUAL FITNESS PRO program shares the worst missteps and biggest revelations! Whether you have already made the transition to virtual or have recently decided to pursue your career with a hybrid version of your services, you will take away a multitude of tips to use immediately so that you and your clients can thrive in virtual!

***Use code NATHALIE50 to save 50% off before January 1st***


Group Fitness Instructors Looking to Expand Their Offers

Adding variety to your classes allows you to stay connected either in studio, on virtual, or even outdoors! These two fantastic teacher training programs are available online and will surely add plenty of spice to your offerings!

Hot Booty Ballet ***Get 15% off the Teacher Training with code HBBNL***

Country Fusion ***Get 10% off the Teacher Training with code Nathalie***


Fitness Pros Looking to Add Nutrition to Their Repertoire

The Healthy Eating and Weight Loss program will allow you to understand healthy eating, the value of regular activity and ways to reduce body fat. This course will provide excellent strategies and tools for fitness professionals to help them educate others about how to build a healthier body.

***Use code HWLCOACH to save 50% off the training December 21-23 ***


Fitness Pros Feeling Stuck and Seeking Growth

Catapult Your Career is my 4-week 1:1 coaching program for fitness professionals to take you from coasting to thriving in your career. If you’re craving the opportunity to grow as a fitness professional thanks to a program full of proven recipes and optimism, then this is the program for you. Imagine ending each day knowing your career is on the best path towards helping people succeed in their fitness goals AND your career goals!

***Get 1 extra week for FREE when purchased before January 1st ***


I hope these help you better connect with and serve your clients as well as enjoy an even more successful career in 2021!


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