Navigating your next step in the fitness industry can be overwhelming. Fitness professionals need guidance in order to continually elevate their careers.

Nathalie has helped countless dedicated personal trainers and group fitness instructors evolve from excellent to phenomenal to award-winning!

No matter where you are right now in your fitness career, Nathalie can guide you on your next steps thanks to incredible programs and partners. 

She has been navigating the industry for over 25 years, coaching thousands of fitness professionals and leaders just like you!

Find the RIGHT opportunity below:

7 Simple Steps to Attract More Clients

This program will help you attract more clients to your brand and business in 21-days through our guided 7 steps and workbook customized doe health and fitness professionals. Our 7 simple steps will immediately save you time, make your decisions clearer, and tell your clients that you’re the right fitness leader for them. A strong foundation sets you up for success and that is exactly what you are about to create through our 21-day digital program. Plus, this program is only $49 (USD OR CAD)!

Become a Mobility Expert

The Rehab-U Mobility Fundamentals Online Course is offered for fitness professionals, movement therapists, and athletes looking to become a mobility experts. Create learning-driven changes in movement thanks to this course you can complete at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Use code Nathalie50 to save $50 on the Mobility Fundamentals Certification

Earn a canfitpro Certification

Launch your career as a fitness professional with the coaching and mentorship from the best PRO TRAINER team! You’ll be guided to choose the certification that is best suited for your goals. Gain access to job opportunities with partner clubs, studios and educational partners. From Personal Training to Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach, take your next step with us.

Teach Hot Booty Ballet

The Hot Booty Ballet certification will teach you everything you need to implement a successful mini band workout program anywhere – whether you teach online, outdoors at a gym, studio,o or health club. As Hot Booty Ballet instructor, you’ll learn the correct way to use the mini bands that is fun and totally unique to this program. You’ll also learn how to structure an effective Hot Booty Ballet workout that meets all your clients’ needs and levels. The Hot Booty Ballet certification can be done on your own at home or through our 5-hour Virtual certification training. Get 15% off the Teacher Training with code HBBNL.

Catapult Your Career

The 4-week 1:1 coaching program for fitness professionals to take you from coasting to thriving in your career. If you’re craving the opportunity to grow as a fitness professional thanks to a program full of proven recipes and optimism, then this is the program for you. Imagine ending each day knowing your career is on the best path towards helping people succeed in their fitness goals AND your career goals!

Earn a Prehab and Performance Certification

The Rehab-U Movement Optimization for Prehab and Performance Level 1 Online Course is offered for personal trainers, fitness professionals and health care providers wishing to develop a comprehensive functional training approach rooted in clinical strategies and geared towards injury prevention and performance. It will provide you with principles to effectively assess and establish the fundamentals of movement: mobility, stability/motor control, patterning and sequencing. Use code Nathalie50 to save $50 on the Level 1 Certification


Virtual group and personal training have revolutionized our industry and are now part of our reality. This program shares the worst missteps and biggest revelations! Whether you have already made the transition to virtual or have recently decided to pursue your career with a hybrid version of your services, you will take away a multitude of tips to use immediately so that you and your clients can thrive in virtual!

Teach Country Fusion

Country Fusion® focuses on actual country line dances, while “fusing” four other types of dances and music. In the Country Fusion Star Instructor Certification course, you will learn what Country Fusion® is and how to dance the Country Fusion® dances. Each instructor gains the creativity and flexibility to decide on the types of dances of their four “Fusion” songs. Styles such as salsa, cha-cha, swing, merengue, belly dance, etc. can be fused into the workout, ensuring no two teachers or classes are the same. Use code Nathalie to save 10% on the Instructor Certification

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