In Bed with Jonathan Ross & the Fitness Industry

In the newest episode of my In Bed with the Fitness Industry podcast, Jonathan Ross discusses the importance of movement and enjoyment in fitness, particularly for special populations with chronic conditions. He emphasizes the need for fitness professionals to find their niche and continue their education to serve their clients better while highlighting the role of fun and pleasure in physical activity. He expresses his optimism for the fitness industry as more people are finding the value of feeling good in their bodies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fitness professionals should focus on helping clients find enjoyment in physical activity, as it leads to greater adherence and long-term success.
  • Special populations with chronic conditions are a growing demographic in the fitness industry, and professionals should continue their education to serve these clients better.
  • Movement is essential for everyone, and fitness professionals should prioritize helping clients improve their posture, mobility, and overall quality of movement.
  • The fitness industry can impact a larger population by promoting the value of feeling good in one’s body and maintaining vitality throughout life.

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00:00Introduction and Season Overview:
01:55 Guest Introduction
03:20 Sleepwear and Sleep Schedule
04:49 Special Populations and Chronic Conditions
08:04 Importance of Movement and Enjoyment
12:37 Choosing Specializations and Continuing Education
25:16 Building an Active Population
30:29 Inspiration and Optimism for the Fitness Industry
33:33 Closing Remarks

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