In Bed with Sarah Zahab and the Fitness Industry

Developing our network and collaboration is critical to serving our clients and career success! Kinesiologist and exercise physiologist Sarah Zahab shares ideas for bridging the gap between injury/rehab and returning to sport and fitness.

In this episode of In Bed With the Fitness Industry, she also shares the launch of her brand new certification focused on Women’s Wellness.

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In this episode, Nathalie Lacombe interviews Sarah Zahev, a registered kinesiologist and clinical exercise physiologist. They discuss Sarah’s clinic, Continuum Fitness and Movement Performance, and how she bridges the gap between rehab and fitness. Sarah shares her experience as an award-winning fitness presenter and the importance of sharing valuable information with fellow fitness professionals. They also talk about the launch of the Women’s Wellness Specialist Certification, which aims to support and guide women of all ages through physiological changes. The conversation highlights the need for better conversations around women’s health and the importance of a strong referral network. Overall, the episode emphasizes the holistic approach to fitness and the exciting shifts happening in the industry.
  • Bridging the gap between rehab and fitness is crucial for helping clients move better and feel better.
  • Sharing valuable information and gold nuggets from conferences can shape and inspire fitness professionals’ careers.
  • The Women’s Wellness Specialist Certification aims to support and guide women through physiological changes and promote holistic health.
  • Having conversations around women’s health, including pelvic health and perimenopause/postmenopause, is essential for fitness professionals.
  • Including male fitness professionals in conversations about women’s health can lead to a better understanding and support for women’s unique needs.
  • The fitness industry is evolving and embracing a holistic approach to fitness, focusing on experiential learning, connections, and mentoring.
  • 00:00 Introduction and Season Overview
  • 02:13 Introducing Sarah Zahev
  • 03:32 Wake Up and Sleep Times
  • 04:55 Sarah’s Clinic and Coaching Experience
  • 06:17 Sharing Gold Nuggets from Conferences
  • 09:09 Bridging the Gap in Movement and Health
  • 11:55 Launching the Women’s Wellness Specialist Certification
  • 13:49 Conversations around Women’s Health
  • 18:01 Inspiration in the Fitness Industry

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