You’re a Perfect Fit for Workplace Wellness

I did the math: 254, that’s how many workplace workshops I’ve presented since 2020. That means I’ve not only had the pleasure of sharing health and wellness with over 10,000 people looking to improve their well-being, but I also developed a revenue stream that is so cost-effective I’m able to keep my career sustainable and profitable. You can too, and here are the guidelines to follow:

1) Be aware that organizations have turned many human resources departments into “people and wellness” as they strive to recruit and keep top talent. They allocate time and budget to the physical and mental health of their teams combining wellness and performance.

2) Create active workshops within your current wheelhouse to offer at workplaces that tie into both professional and personal goals such as “The Best Exercises to Kick Off Your Day” or “Stretches That Boost Your Energy”.

3) Remember that these need to be accessible within the workday; think “lunch and learn” rather than full-fledged workouts. You’ll attract way more people in workplaces if they don’t have to put on sneakers or a sports bra?

4) Realize that fitness is an integral part of wellness, but our perspective can shift beyond physical health to greater benefits linked to mental, social, and immune health.

Let’s dive deeper into Guideline #4: a fantastic and accessible place for fitness professionals is in highlighting the impact that physical activity has on wellness. We can thereby tap into the ever-growing wellness market by sharing what we do now, but to a greater number of people seeking a wider array of benefits to their overall health.

For example, my most popular workplace wellness workshops in the past year feature fitness as part of physical and mental health. These were two of my top-sellers which I created based on areas of expertise:

  • “Taming Your Stress and Anxiety”
  • “The Best Strategies to Finally Reach Your Health Goals”

Your best place to start? Begin offering wellness workshops at your gym and become an asset to those looking to learn outside of fitness classes or personal training sessions. Put together simple handouts with great takeaways and begin building your reputation as a wellness presenter!

Gaining a clear understanding of your current assets, as well as the learning and skills needed to tap into the ever-growing wellness market will provide much greater financial sustainability and longevity to your career!


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