What Sought-After Fitness Pros Know

Are you hoping for longevity in your career? Being the “hot new instructor” or “trainer with huge influence and reach” is an excellent springboard. Still, I’ve unfortunately seen thousands of outstanding fitness professionals leave the industry because they didn’t have staying power.

It can be tempting to jump onto social media trends that highlight what other trainers and instructors are doing wrong, criticizing others in an attempt to lift ourselves. It’s an illusion of leverage and sadly only seeds confusion in the general public.



Potential clients looking to choose a health and fitness professional see us being critical of one another, of new trends, and of different styles of movement and training end up losing trust in all of us! They see it as our industry not truly knowing what we’re talking about or how to help them, which results in them remaining in a sedentary lifestyle or health that isn’t optimal. 

Rates of physical inactivity haven’t improved in the last 25 years yet we keep inventing new ways to be closed-minded towards one another. 



As your career coach and cupid, I’m here to help people in your communities find the right fitness professional, and here’s my matchmaking advice:

Successful fitness pros stay curious about the industry and have a positive growth mindset.  

Unsuccessful ones criticize their peers, jump to conclusions, and are closed-minded towards trends.  They spread mistrust and eventually become irrelevant.  

Choose wisely. 


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