I’ve been waiting for this moment for 9 months and I’m giddy with anticipation to finally bring into the world an opportunity to support my fellow health and fitness leaders more than ever before! If you’re craving phenomenal growth as a fitness leader thanks to a program full of optimism, trust, and solutions, then I’m excited to share the launch of my two programs:

Catapult Your Career

1:1 mentoring for fitness professional looking to thrive in their careers!


Joie de Lead

1:1 coaching for leaders and managers looking to bring success and joy back to leadership!


Fitness Professionals

You can now benefit from a 1:1 mentorship program that will ensure you:

  • Assess and determine and your unique selling proposition and brand
  • Prioritize your time and energy based on your goals
  • Create and implement the strategies that support your career goals
  • Determine the clubs and studios you’re best suited for, or if your own business is the best direction
  • Learn how to establish programs and services that will sell in your market
  • Develop the soft skills needed to communicate your new rates with confidence and aplomb
  • Feel excited about your growth and future endeavors!

Curious to know more? Click here for all the fun and fabulous details and let’s see if together we can make 2020 your best year ever as a fitness professional!


« Nathalie is a mentor who challenged me with her sincere encouragement and genuine care throughout my entire career in fitness. Her ability to tap into my potential allowed me to grow, seek new challenges and build my confidence as both a group fitness instructor and conference presenter. Through her unique leadership style and her expertise, Nathalie continues to help shape me so I can continue to grow and thrive in my career! »

Lisa Mastracchio, canfitpro Fitness Instructor of The Year 2019


Fitness Managers and Leader

You can now benefit from a 1:1 coaching program that will ensure you:

  • Determine and fulfill your own authentic leadership style
  • Create and implement the culture that supports your business goals
  • Learn to recruit staff in a way that attracts and repels in accordance to your culture
  • Learn how to retain the right staff members
  • Develop the soft skills required to succeed as a leader
  • Learn to handle the most difficult HR issues quickly and confidently 
  • Feel empowered to bring joy back to your leadership!

Curious to know more? Click here for all the fun and fabulous details and let’s see if together we can make 2020 your best year ever as a fitness leader!


« Nathalie is bravely forging an evolution in leadership. Her values are based in love, truth, and expansion and emphasizes building deep and meaningful relationships, creating continual growth for individuals and organizations. Her exuberance and heart-centred approach has both nurtured and empowered me in my career and personal life. Nathalie’s method is dynamic, impactful, and elevating leaders to a new level of consciousness and that’s exactly what this world needs right now! »

Paul Galloro, Soul Coach



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