Not Attracting the Right Clients?

Are you worried your style is training is too niche? Do you know if your brand and your services are clear enough to attract the types of people who can and want to serve? 

It’s tough to imagine saying no to a potential client, but you wouldn’t have to worry about that if your brand both attracts the right clients and repels the wrong ones. Knowing how to put yourself out there authentically and having potential clients and participants actually notice what you offer is key.  

It’s overwhelming. Where do you start? 

You need to attract more of the right clients and build your brand, as simply and quickly as possible. 

You’ve been working so hard creating exceptional fitness experiences and probably got stuck in a routine. The pandemic forced some of us out of it and gave us time to reflect on the types of clients and classes that actually make us happy. Knowing your “who” will make choosing those SO much easier moving forward. 

Describe two types of clients or classes:

  1. Those you happily train 3 times per week. You wish you coached or taught these classes more often. You consistently prepare your programs or choreography and have fun choosing the playlists.
  2. The ones you hope cancel their session. You’re not disappointed when they don’t renew their package or you can’t teach the class. You consistently prepare your programming at the last minute and can’t ever seem to make them happy.

Dividing up your classes and clients into those two categories was probably very quick and easy, admitting to ourselves that we’re not spending our time and energy on the right people is the kicker. 

Want to attract more of these clients?

There is a recipe you can follow to attract clients and I’m excited to share them with you in a free Wisdom Workshop with Jessica Maurer.

This interactive workshop will share with you the top 3 questions we are frequently asked:

  1. Is my market too niche or too much?
  2. Which social media platform is a must?
  3. Is it ok to turn away clients & classes?

Join Jessica and me as we discuss the answers to these questions & help you plan what your next steps are to attract more clients. Enroll here.


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