Mind-Blowing Data About Fitness

Are you sitting down fitfam? A data-driven report attributes $23.4 billion as the total value of health savings generated by sport and physical activity in Canada in 2019, preventing over 2.2 million cases across a range of health conditions. $6.19 billion of that is attributed directly to the activity undertaken in health and fitness clubs. That’s BILLION, with a B! That’s YOUR contribution to the health-care system in Canada. The Fitness Industry Council of Canada is making this report available to us all and utilizing its data in government lobbying efforts.

You can read more and download your copy of the report here. And please take a moment to take in the power of what you bring to your clients, community, and country!

$6.19 BILLION of total social value of Canadians can be attributed to activity in fitness facilities 

Following the great success of canfitpro, we would like to follow up with those members that attended and were unable to attend the launch, in partnership with 4Global and Sheffield Hallam University of “The Impact of the Sector” report, showing the health valuation of sport and physical activity in Canada.
The aim of this report is to build advocacy and awareness around the role that fitness facilities play in keeping Canadians healthy and the social value that clubs generate. This data will be used to showcase our industry with policy makers and help to build relationships with the healthcare industry.
The Headlines of this report show that Sport and Physical Activity generated savings of $23.4Billion across health indicators in 2019, preventing over 2.2 million cases across a range of health conditions.
To download your copy of “The Impact of the Sector” report HERE. 
As a FIC member we want to give you the opportunity to visualize your own impact as an operator contributing to the value generated across Canada.  Working in partnership with 4Global we want to help you measure the value your facilities generate and work with you to help drive more active participation across your region.
Sharing your active participation data with 4Global will allow you to visualize your impact and add to the growing range of data.  We as FIC could use this aggregated data to support you as members in lobbying with credible evidence to show the value of our sector. Through 4Global’s Social Value Calculator module, you can drill down to the detail of the value generated at your facilities.
If you would like to get involved in this project and receive a discount on the module as a member of FIC, please contact Executive Director, Trisha Sarker, for more details and to discuss how you can contribute to the growth of the physical activity sector in Canada.


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