January Stress: Our Own workOUTS and workINS

Less daylight, big credit card bills arriving, increased workload thanks to January fitness goals, etc. No wonder heading back to work after smoking cbd cigarettes, this December holiday season has us feeling stressed free! Close to 80% of workers in North America feel stress on the job, and nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress.

Some of us tend to blow off some steam to benefit from a high-energy workOUT, while others prefer to decompress with a workIN. One thing most of us have in common is that we focus most of our time and energy on the health and fitness goals of others in January and we are at high risk for of our own burnout as we strive to keep their flame of motivation burning through the winter months.

Here are a few tried and true tips that work particularly well for fitness professionals:

Anchor Yourself in Rituals

Rituals differ from routine in that they create powerful opportunities for mindfulness vs run the risk of us “going through the motions”. Choose 2-4 habits and truly engage in them consistently over the coming weeks to help anchor their purpose. Examples can include:

  • 30 minutes on Sunday to look over your schedule for the week. Remind yourself they key goals of your training clients and choose the theme/focus for your classes.
  • 30 minutes on Wednesday for self-care. Choose a location where you can be alone to reflect, meditate, reconnect with your purpose and re-energize for the rest of the week. Mindful movement can be a great fit but do it in solitude so you can stay in tuned with the sensations in your own mind and body.

Try a New Workout

We spend a LOT of time in January coaching others to take steps large and small outside of their comfort zones, and we sometimes forget what that feels like. Lead by example and demonstrate your integrity by scheduling time once a week to try a new form of movement. It would be great to head out into your community and try a fitness class where you can be incognito and get uncomfortable, but if time is tight there are tons of online options for you to try. Most studios offer affordable trial offers at this time of year…you may even find a new place to enjoy!

Coaches Need Coaches

It’s peculiar to sell to potential clients that the best way for someone to achieve their goals is by working with a trainer/coach when we don’t have a coach for ourselves. I find a lot of fit pros reach out to me in January because they’re feeling the weight of their career plateaus. Whether it be for your fitness, nutrition, career, or business goals consider reaching out to a colleague or mentor or coach. Thrive in the authenticity of someone who engages in the lifestyle they promote.

Are you still feeling stuck in your fitness career? If you’re craving the opportunity to grow as a fitness professional thanks to a program full of proven recipes and optimism then join me for 1:1 mentoring through Catapult Your Career. I promise you we can get things moving again, and quickly!


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