I Fell Way Off Track Last Month…

I fell out of my routine in July, and I fell hard. I’ve been feeling the consequences; I’m having “cortisol wake-ups” around 3:30am, my food choices haven’t been good, I’ve struggled to get back to my regular workouts, and I haven’t been handling stressors very well.

Have you had weeks like that? Sometimes the root cause is easy to identify and sometimes it’s a series of little crises that accumulate and wear down our resilience.

July had two big life events for me:

First, our sweet 12 years of dog Andy had a complete ACL tear and had been limping most of quarantine. After speaking with our vet and an orthopedic surgeon/canine physiotherapist we decided on surgery.

To limit his movement and take care of him to the best of my ability, I slept on the couch next to him for 10 nights – which wasn’t too bad… until he needed to wear the darn cone! Then came the banging noises around our living room whenever he moved around a bit.

It also meant I was totally off my movement routine, as he and I walk about 1 hour a day together. He’s now allowed 10 minutes twice per day, but not having that walking medication to kick off my mornings really messed with my mojo.

Second, my friend and colleague Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas and I launched our THINK Yourself a Virtual Fitness Pro course. We’re really excited to provide this learning tool for our fellow fit pros to launch their businesses online and did a lot of videos and webinars to announce the launch. This meant multiple days a week “on camera” for me which is quite different than the routine I’ve had since March – jump into an outdoor or virtual workout whenever I feel like it and not worry about hair and make up 😊.

I must admit that I cringe when I hear the sentence “going back to normal” but I understand that what we truly mean is actually comfort, routine, stability, certainty, and familiarity. There is just so much “new and different” that we can handle and sometimes it throws us way off our game. That’s what happened to my physical health in July, and thereby my mental and emotional health.

Now I am sliding back on track. This morning, I drove Andy to the park for his 10 minute walk on grass and small hills then went RIGHT to my office for a virtual workout. One that is incredibly familiar to me to help me slide back into my routine as it provides me the comfort I need to get back into consistency. It’s our 4th morning park adventure therefore it’s becoming my new routine; one that works for us at this time and in this situation.

As he heals over the coming weeks I know I can adapt and that I’ll continue to slide on and off but not fall because if 2020 has taught me anything it’s that I’m even more adaptable and resilient that I thought. I’m pretty sure you are too – xo

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