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Are you ready to become a Fitness Professional? Learn how to take your next steps with canfitpro to become a Personal Training Specialist, Fitness Instructor Specialist, or Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach.

Owners & Leaders

Great leaders thrive by attracting top talent and maintaining a culture of strategic success that set their business apart. Nathalie’s programs provide solutions to help you thrive, no matter the size of your business and team.

Fitness Professionals

Fitness professionals need the right learning and growth to continually elevate their career. Nathalie has helped countless dedicated personal trainers and group fitness instructors evolve from excellent to phenomenal to award winning!

Education Company

As an entrepreneur, you need and deserve market penetration strategies that impact your success quickly and effectively. Nathalie provides solutions based on your specific desire for growth and her established knowledge and influence within the fitness, health and wellness industry.

Clients share their experience

Nathalie is the consummate professional and has been a pleasure to work with. Our MANIA® Fitness Convention attendees love her! We are excited to bring her to the Club Industry Business Summits that we run throughout the USA.
Sara Kooperman
CEO, SCW Fitness Education
Nathalie is perhaps the perfect combination as a results driven leader who also has tremendous compassion and caring for her team. She is an absolute pleasure to be around and one of the kindest people I’ve known in my years with GoodLife and canfitpro. Nathalie has boundless energy and is equally comfortable speaking one-on-one with direct reports or to an auditorium filled with thousands of people.
Steve Groves
CIO, GoodLife Fitness
Nathalie is extremely organized and can effectively multi-task to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely manner.  She has an excellent rapport with employees, investors, clients, and other professional organizations. This is particularly valuable for our company. I would highly recommend Nathalie; she would be an asset to any company.
Suaad Ghadban
Founder of Hot Booty Ballet

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7 Proven Keys to Quickly Bring Your Fitness Business Online

Are you thinking of going virtual? Discover the mistakes to avoid and keys to succeed.

Virtual group and personal training have revolutionized our industry and are now part of our reality. This program shares the worst missteps and biggest revelations! Whether you have already made the transition to virtual or have recently decided to pursue your career with a hybrid version of your services, you will take away a multitude of tips to use immediately so that you and your clients can thrive in virtual!

You will learn the core competencies for fitness professionals to succeed  in 2020 and beyond. While our industry recovers from the crisis and closures, fitness professionals are adapting and pivoting to meet the needs of our clients. THINK Yourself® A VIRTUAL FITNESS PRO will guide you towards a flourishing career and succeed in an ever-growing industry.

4 Steps to Propel Your Career

I’ve created this free video series to identify the 4 Steps to Propel Your Fitness Career and provide you with actionable strategies to ensure your career success! 

What Fit Pros Want From Their Leaders

Sign up for this free course to receive 1 email per week for 4 weeks with a video and an actionable to-do list.

Catapult Your Career

Just 4 weeks to help you identify the right recipe for you to be successful and feel fulfilled.


Tu souffres du syndrome de l’imposteur?

On est tous passés par là ! On se sent comme un escroc quand on essaie de demander une augmentation de salaire ou d’augmenter nos tarifs, ou même de publier du contenu sur les médias sociaux. On est pris dans le “syndrome de l’imposteur” et c’est désagréable.    Non seulement cela t’éloigne de tes rêves et de tes objectifs, mais en plus, cela ne te rapproche pas du service aux personnes qui ont besoin de ton aide et la méritent !  Il y a des tonnes de leaders du fitness, certains avec beaucoup moins d’expérience et moins de qualifications, qui affichent

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Imposter Syndrome Got You Down?

Are you worried your style of training is too niche? Do you know if your brand and your services are clear enough to attract the types of people who can and want to serve? We’ve all been there! Feeling like a fraud when we’re trying to ask for a raise or increase our rates, or even post content on social media. We get stuck in “imposter syndrome” and it sucks.   It’s not only keeping you away from your dreams and goals but also not getting you any closer to serving the people who need and deserve your help!  There are

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L’outil le plus sous-estimé pour améliorer la mobilité

Un article incroyablement révélateur écrit par mon amie et thérapeute athlétique agréée Mai-Linh Dovan, que je me devais de partager !   De nos jours, tout le monde veut te vendre l’outil de mobilité le plus récent et le plus sophistiqué. C’est plutôt cool d’avoir les derniers outils comme des rouleaux et des balles vibrantes, des pistolets de massage de haute technologie, des ventouses colorées et des outils de scraping. Beaucoup de gens pensent encore qu’il faut acheter des outils de mobilité. Mais les outils ne sont pas nécessairement des objets. Un outil est tout ce qui est utilisé pour exécuter

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The Most Under-Rated Tool to Improve Mobility

An incredibly insightful article written by my friend and Certified Athletic Therapist Mai-Linh Dovan from Rehab-U, I just had to share! These days, everyone wants to sell you the latest, fanciest mobility tool.  It’s pretty cool to have the latest tools like vibrating foam rollers and balls, high tech massage guns, colorful cups and scraping tools. Many people still think mobility tools need to be purchased.  But tools aren’t necessarily objects.  A tool is anything used to carry out a particular function or provide a desired outcome.  So before spending money on an implement, best first make sure you are using

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Es-tu en état thermomètre ou thermostat?

Voici mon analogie préférée pour décrire les montagnes russes d’émotions que beaucoup d’entre nous lorsqu’on parcourt des moments difficiles – nous sommes en mode thermomètres. Les températures internes des thermomètres augmentent et diminuent en réaction à ce qui se passe autour d’eux. Ils n’ont aucun contrôle sur leur température ; ils sont tirés dans la direction que leur environnement leur dicte.  Avez-vous eu des journées comme celle-là récemment ?  Les thermostats cependant régularisent cependant la température. Ils portent attention à leur environnement, remarquent quand les choses changent trop dans une direction ou une autre et réagissent en conséquence afin de maintenir

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