Seminars focusing on your employees' personal and professional well-being

Investing in the health and well-being of your employees is essential to fostering the right balance between professional performance and personal fulfillment. Nathalie Lacombe’s flexible, accessible and customizable workplace wellness workshops are designed to help your teams stay motivated while fostering a healthy work environment.

Over 300 workplace wellness workshops since 2020

Nathalie Lacombe is committed to sharing her innovative ideas and strategies that go beyond traditional discourse, thanks to the practical and applicable components of her seminars. Her mission is to stimulate motivation, optimize productivity and maximize employee retention, all under the theme of wellness.

More than 25 years’ experience as a speaker

Nathalie Lacombe, renowned speaker and recognized expert in health and well-being, offers a unique and refreshing perspective on contemporary business challenges. Her commitment to fostering growth, increasing productivity, and promoting well-being within organizations is based on a diverse background in business and health.

With degrees in psychology and exercise science, Nathalie knows how to communicate passionately with those who aspire to improve their quality of life.


Speaker of the Year


Recognized as speaker of the year 2022 by canfitpro, Canada’s largest fitness education organization, Nathalie Lacombe has set herself apart in the industry by delivering inspiring presentations and tangible actionable advice.

As Vice-President of the Fitness Industry Council of Canada, she plays an active role in the development of industry best practices.

Customizable and Versatile Seminar Experiences

Nathalie Lacombe offers dynamic workshops on topics such as mental health, stress and anxiety, motivation at work, work-life balance, learning from challenges and much more. Each presentation is carefully tailored to meet your company’s specific needs.