Did Someone Say Podcast?!

You asked for it and I’m thrilled to meet your needs! In Bed with the Fitness Industry is now a podcast on Spotify, Google, and Apple Podcasts!

We’ve rolled out of Bed so you can take us anywhere and listen to the phenomenal insights provided by our incredible guests. 

The first NEW episode with Jessica Maurer is already available as she shares her insights on building a sustainable career as a fitness leader! 

Helping you thrive as a fitness professional is what I’m dedicated to, therefore all of « season 1 » is also available now. The generous guests we featured are Ann Gilbert, Jeff Howard, Lawrence Biscontini, Mo Hagan, Mai-Linh Dovan, Sara Kooperman, Chad Benson, Scott Wildeman, Dan McDonogh, Amanda Grant, Petra Kolber, Assata McKenzie, Alex McLean, Dionne Masson, Elizabeth Mooney, Fitness Education Online, Geoff Bagshaw, Selena Isles, and Krista Popowych. 

What’s mine in yours…enjoy! 

Want to be involved in the podcast process? 

Join me for a live interview for my podcast « In Bed with the Fitness Industry » with award-winning fitness leader Suaad Ghadban on October 20th at 3pm ET.

We will talk about compensation within the fitness industry, how to become a better leader, and so much more.

Don’t miss your chance to ask questions to both myself and Suaad in a live setting. See you then!


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