Top 3 Tips for Going Virtual

You may remember my last blog that stated, “You don’t HAVE to offer virtual workouts”. I still wholeheartedly believe that fact. You certainly can offer virtual workouts but you don’t have to offer any.

For those of you who are choosing to do so, having mindfully reflected on the opportunity, I’m happy to provide you with the best key learnings and information I can source to help you quickly see the forest through the trees…and not lose your patience while on a live feed 😊.

My dear friend and incredible resource Jessica Maurer has put together this fantastic “how to” for digital offers.

Step 1: Prepare Your Environment

You first step is to set the “stage” for yourself and your workout. You need enough room to move front to back by 5 feet, and right to left by 5 feet. For easy measuring, use a yoga mat to verify you have enough room. Once you have found your spot, consider your surroundings. Is there a table or couch that is invading your space? Rearrange, if necessary. Finally, check your area for lighting. Can you open the window blinds or a door to allow more natural light into the room? If not, source lamps from around your house.

Step 2: Prepare Your Technology

Now that you have your environment ready, it’s time to set up your technology. You want your device to be at eye-level, if possible, & able to capture the entire 5×5 area you mapped out for yourself in the step above. Try stacking books or other sturdy household objects to do so. Ensure there is an outlet close by to keep your device charged while streaming or recording. You also need a strong wifi signal in whatever location you choose.

If you are going to be using music, ensure it is royalty-free. Try playing it through another speaker than the device you are using to stream your workout. It is always smart to test all of your equipment and environment; try a tester class with a friend to ensure your camera angle captures your environment, your voice and music carry well, and you are prepared for any technical difficulties that may arise.

Step 3: Prepare Your Workout/Class

Keep in mind that your participants are leading new lives with new schedules. While they may have flocked to your 75-minute yoga class before, it may be hard to find 20-minutes to themselves now. Consider shortening & focusing your workout structure.

If there has ever been a time to return to teaching baseline exercises with little to no equipment, now is that time. Overly complicated movement patterns and choreography may frustrate your viewers who are watching on small devices and screens. Plus, if there is any lag in your wifi, your viewers could lose the visual of you while only being able to hear your audio, or vice versa. If you took away one sense from your participants, could they still follow your movements? If not, reconsider what you have planned.

And finally, consider your own future: Is what you are offering sustainable for your own body, time, and business? If it is not, do not do it. While the first few weeks may have been designed as a bandaid, your next steps should be planned thoughtfully & for long-term. If you had to teach this schedule for 6-months, could you? Or better you, WOULD you?

Now, let’s talk about the all-important soundtrack to your workouts. A few colleagues of mine have been caught using non-licensed music; don’t make the same mistake! My friends at canfitpro have compiled a list of music companies who offer you royalty-free music for FREE!!

On a personal note, I’d love to invite you to join me!
After much reflection I have decide to go back to teaching my regular class at time thanks to LIVE streaming Zoom classes at my Yoga studio Béco 

Yoga & Training combines the best of Yoga and fitness and will feel familiar and fun for those of you who have taken my Yoga classes or sessions at conference. The classes are bilingual so you’ll not only get a glimpse of my home office but might even pick up a few words in French 😊!

Join me Saturday mornings 8:30 EST



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