The Parts of Our Job You Probably Hate

We likely chose our fitness careers because we love connecting with people, helping them reach their health goals, creating fun experiences they crave coming back to. All the behind-the-scenes documenting, administration, and operations? Not so much. 

What’s required to successfully manage our clients and classes has evolved over time and the requirements are now more entrepreneurial than ever. This means we’re likely tracking well beyond who simply showed up that day or the number of sessions a client has banked. Becoming the phenomenal health and fitness advocate our careers deserve we need to improve our skills beyond sets and reps and movement patterns. 

Simplifying the fitness and wellness experience for them means we provide connection even when they’re not in our gym or virtual space. I spent the last year searching for the best support system for my fitfam and found THE one that saves you up to 10 hours a week! Hexfit is like having your own Personal Assistant you manage the back end of your business!!  Here’s how:

1. Exercise library and program design: over 9000 exercises to choose from and customize as you wish, App able to integrate your own YouTube videos, planning, and periodization.

2. Bookings and calendar: you no longer need a separate system to track your availability or the sessions or months a client had left in their program.  

3. Invoicing and online payments: all your revenue and money owed in one place. All the tracking and reminders are created for you. 

4. Connectivity to the tech your clients have: tracking optimized thanks to links to their smartwatches and devices.

And so much more! I haven’t been this excited to bring on a new partner in a long time because I know how this will make your life easier and get you back to what you love to do, make a major impact on your clients’ lives. I also am a big fan of HexFit’s philosophy on fitness and our industry! Check out this short video with their founder Étienne Dubois to find out more 

I’m downright giddy to help you manage your business thanks to an EXCLUSIVE 40% DISCOUNT on your first 3 months with Hexfit. Click here to access these savings or find out more about how Hexfit can save you time and money to thrive in your fitness career. 


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