Soft Skills for Tough Times

You inspire me fitfam! I see you out there trying new things, reflecting on how you can best serve others, learning and growing. You’re working collaboratively and getting better each day and I’m incredibly proud of our industry.

Please remember to make time to self-care and allow yourselves permission to have days when you are not “on”; it’s the only way you’ll stay in for the long road ahead as a lot is being asked of us as we strive to stay connected to our authentic selves and our clients.

Here are some of the most common questions I have received over the past two weeks and the answers I’m inviting you to reflect on:

How do I know if I’m ready to offer virtual workouts?

If you’re even asking the question it means you’re probably close. If you’ve reflected on what truly makes you happy about being a fitness professional and how you can help and serve others achieve better health now more than ever, then you’re ready.

Please don’t worry about all the tech stuff – your clients are incredibly forgiving and many of them will happily raise their hand to help you trial your first few attempts. Take your first few steps and keep moving towards authentic connection and eventual excellence (not perfection). 

When do you think gyms will go back to normal?

I don’t know for sure, but I think it will certainly be months before we do. Many public health authorities are saying it is dependant on finding and treatment and/or a vaccine. This means we must adapt our products, services, and strategies. I’ve spoke to countless gyms and studio owners who are looking at their data multiple times a day trying to see how they can reopen, and what it will take for them to stay open.

This is where we can shine! We are creative, adaptable, and resilient. We have worked outside the box for most of the fitness industry and our champions at reinventing ourselves; I invite you to connect with your fellow fit pros and gym owners to unite and respond together.

Can I charge for online workouts?

Yes, of course you can. Firstly, there are no rules to doing business during this time; none of us have ever been through an international pandemic before so we’re learning and trying new things each and every day. 

In order to distinguish yourself from all the free workouts currently available I would invite you to consider content vs context: free 1-way (streaming) are content and there is indeed a LOT of that offered for free. Context would apply to 2-way workouts where you can see your clients, you’re aware of their needs and goals as well as they’re injuries and challenges. You can provide valuable feedback even through the world wide web and you can, I would dare say should, charge for that.

I dive deeper into these opportunities in the Soft Skills for Tough Times webinar I did for canfitpro in April. For your viewing pleasure, I have added the video to the bottom of this page.

I’ve been shining a light on my fellow fit pros social media; feels free to tag me in your suggestions so that I can give them a try.



  • Hello,
    I’m reaching out for guidance, as I recently watched your canfitpro webinar. I found your information to be extremely encouraging during this uncertain times that we are in. You had mentioned that if we were new to the industry that you could possibly direct us in how to navigate during this time. I have just recently got my certification as a health and nutrition expert , but I don’t have a spot in this industry. I’m hoping that you could help me figure out where I go from here as I’m so new to everything. Any advice that you could give me would be wonderful and appreciated greatly.

    Sheri Smith
    • Bonjour Sheri! I’m sending you an email to book some time to chat


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