In Bed with the Fitness Industry & Mo Hagan

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  • Love you both. Thanks Nathalie for bringing these videos, love it.

    Louise Vigneault
  • Yes Nadege St Philip is so inspiring and her health and what she overcame this, and Lisa Mastracchio always been my favorite Step Instructor, omg she was my favorite instructor when I was in Montreal. And yes Nathalie you really have reinvented yourself and again love the new you and what you are doing. Josee Lavigueur – wow I have been following her for the last 25 years and even more. Laura Warf – my mind body mentor – Wow great you are mentioning all these people. I don’t know all the others you talked about and wish at some point I will hear them talk. Thank you Mo for being who you are and after having attended THINK YOURSELF SUCCESSFUL 2 years ago and you were doing the workshop with the famous NATHALIE PLAMONDON-THOMAS and having done the whole program last year, I kept doing my intention in the morning , doing my meditation, reading a positive part of a book and at night doing my gratitude journal, it has helped me so much as I was going through a lot last year. Thank you thank you thank you to you Mo and Nathalie Lacombe you are helping the fitness community to become better and stronger.

    Louise Vigneault
    • Thank you SO MUCH for your feedback mon amie!!

  • Thank you Nathalie and Mo for your engaging, thought-provoking and heartfelt conversation. It was a pleasure to sit back and follow your dialogue. Gratitude to you both for being the mindful and authentic leaders that you are. Namaste.

    • I’m so pleased to hear that it provided some nice moments for you Laura; hope we get to connect soon!


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