Ever thought about hosting a fitness and wellness retreats? They are making a major comeback! Listen to special guests trendsetter Mo Hagan and retreat host Loredana Wainwright as they share how to successful plan some fabulous getaways and how to best choose your project partners.

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In this episode of In Bed with the Fitness Industry, Mo Hagan and Loredana Wainwright join host Nathalie Lacombe to discuss the evolution of wellness retreats and opportunities for fitness professionals. They announce an exciting collaboration with Air Canada Vacations and GoodLife Fitness Rewards for an upcoming wellness retreat in Antigua in April. The conversation highlights the importance of connection, shared experiences in retreats, and the growing trend of mental health and mindfulness. The guests emphasize the benefits of starting retreats locally and building partnerships, and they discuss the activities and experiences offered at their retreat. They also share the characteristics of a successful retreat host and express their excitement for the future of the fitness industry and the opportunities it provides for growth and collaboration.


  • Wellness retreats have evolved to focus on connection, shared experiences, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Retreats are a popular trend in the fitness industry, with a growing interest in mental health, mindfulness, and stress reduction.
  • Starting retreats locally and building partnerships can help mitigate risks and gain valuable experience.
  • The future of the fitness industry lies in innovation, collaboration, and embracing opportunities to reach a wider audience.

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