IHRSA 2019 Thoughts From Nathalie Lacombe


Having just launched the 2nd half of my career, IHRSA 2019 was more meaningful that ever! I am incredibly grateful for each moment of in-person connection I had with my #fitfam.

My highlight takes us right to the end of the event

Denise Lee Yohn’s closing keynote focused on the fusion of brand and culture. As a leadership coach I was astonished to hear that only 13% of employees say they feel engaged at their place of work. I wholeheartedly believe that the statistic would be higher in the fitness industry, but that may be wishful thinking.

The key take-away from her session is that instead of delegating branding to our marketing teams and culture to our HR teams, leaders need communicate a consistent internal and external message based on our core values.

 The 3 Golden Nuggets I’m taking with me

  • Technology isn’t here to replace us, rather it augments the need for human connections.
  • The health and fitness industry is evolving not only it its technology, but also in the types of people it attracts. Women and people from different cultural backgrounds are making their mark.
  • People network incredibly well when they must keep moving! I learned this beauty during The Fitness Business Podcast morning walk when we had to find someone new to meet and connect with…we had to move fast or trail behind!

Why should someone attend IHRSA 2020?

IHRSA offers a fabulous blend of what an in-person experience should comprise in order to grow as a fitness leader:

  • learning from some of the best experts on the planet
  • down-time with your peers to reflect and exchange ideas
  • parties to network, meet new people, and celebrate the work accomplished over the past year
  • sunny San Diego! (that may be more relevant for us Canadians)

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