Health For All! Celebrate World Health Day

April 7th is World Health Day and a wonderful opportunity for fitness leaders to tackle health challenges by making our services even more accessible! Let’s celebrate the World Health Organization’s 75th birthday with this year’s theme, HEALTH FOR ALL! 

What can you do as a health and fitness leader to make health more accessible? I’d love to hear your ideas! Here are a few to help get us started.

Bring a friend for free

Host a special event and have your clients bring their loves ones for free. Focus on accessibility by making the program/exercises SUPER simple. Make it about simply moving together and having fun so that enjoyment is the goal (not “results”). 

Family outdoor park walk

Host a multi-generational walk in your local park. Bring along your own spouse/parent/sibling/kids and make sure people of all ages and abilities have a fun alternative.

Connect with a peer who works with underserved populations

Ask to join in and help at an activity or event where you can learn more about serving a community that traditional fitness offerings have neglected. Phenomenal fitness leaders are connecting with people of all shapes and sizes and ages and communities and abilities. 

The World Health Organization has created this toolkit that can help generate more ideas. Being an integral part of bringing health to all is the right thing to do as a leader of our industry. It will also support your brand visibility and credibility, thereby, longevity in your career. 

Feel free to tag me on your posts so I can shine a light on you and your event!! 


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