Can We Set Career Goals for 2021?

Yes, we can set career goals for the New Year, with a steady dose of adaptability. One of the most impressive realizations of 2020 was how fitness leaders found creative ways to connect with their clients to continue to provide our much-needed services. Using new ways to serve participants remains critical to our success.

As we look to varying the ways in which we can provide our services, here are three programming avenues that have become key markets for fitness:

The Comfort of Our Own Homes

 We know that about 20% of the population exercises in a structured facility. This creates a massive opportunity for fitness pros, gyms, and studios who are offering their services virtually to attract clients that would have never come through our doors.

The virtual platforms that were set up before March 2020 have seen surges in sales, and fitness leaders who strategically launched their online services are continuing to grow. Our learning curve on virtual has been fast and can absolutely be fabulous. Providing a well-developed variety of health and fitness virtual offers will help carry us through potential waves and closures as well as the more challenging weather of the coming months.

Kids are Essentially Sedentary

School administrators and teachers are struggling tremendously with providing physical education or movement of any kind and organized sports opportunities have been sporadic at best. Parents are searching high and low for coaches and leaders who can provide some form of engaging physical activity and children are already suffering the consequences of lack of exercise.

Creating fun and accessible programs focused on different age groups, movement styles, sports specific will be a massive draw both in person and virtually.

Snowbirds Aren’t Heading South

Countless active agers and retirees normally head south each winter towards warmer climates where they enjoy sunshine and outdoor activity. This season we have an opportunity to think outside our cold and dark box to create an inviting environment that helps them stay active.

Providing safe and social programming in person and virtually (they’re often much more tech savvy than we assume) will support their needs related to physical, mental, and immune health.

Get your creative juices and perhaps look into a new educational program to help grow your career and connect with more people in 2021; more than ever fit pros, it’s time to serve! 


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  • Excellent information!

    Karyn Silenzi
    • Merci Karyn, I’m happy to hear you found it valuable


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