Are Live Conferences Worth the Money?

Investing time and money to attend a live fitness event and participate the same way you would online is not worthwhile. You’re better off staying home and joining via the live stream or watch the recorded sessions.

Why do I still go to live conferences?

Not so long ago, I would go to 1 fitness event per month, often as a presenter but also to participate, network, and learn.

I now carefully choose my time away from home and working IN my business.

Last week’s canfitpro’s 30th-anniversary conference and tradeshow were one of these times when spending five days working ON my business was worth it! Yes, the sessions filled with insights, learning, and inspiration are fantastic, but it’s the moments IN BETWEEN, that make it worth the trip for me.

🙌🏻 Loud and wild times with the most passionate industry in the world
🙌🏻 Quiet 1:1 conversations with people who’ve been waiting months to share something meaningful with you
🙌🏻 Seeing those who have led this industry for decades shine in their wisdom
🙌🏻 Watching the phenomenal fit pros who are the legacy building their careers with aplomb

If you have an in-person fitness event coming up, here are my five tips to make it worth your time and money:

  1. Choose presenters and topics you may not already have access to virtually.
  2. Set your goals for the coming months and the event take-aways you need to reach them.
  3. Ask ALL your questions and dive deeper into the subject matter.
  4. Make new connections with peers in your sessions who could become great sounding boards.
  5. Join in the “extra” events; a tour around the city, a fireside chat, panel discussions, etc.

What are your suggestions for health and fitness events in 2024? Any new conferences or festivals you’re hoping to get to?


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