A Simple Way to Build Your Credibility

Want to know how to best utilize special events or notable health days to connect with your clients?

There is a super simple way to demonstrate your credibility by keeping an eye on the calendar and making the most out of what “everyone’s talking about”. I explain how I tapped into World Sleep Day in this short video:

Welcome to Power Naps!! An extension of my podcast “In Bed With the Fitness Industry.” These short tips and are perfect for the fitness professional who needs a quick idea to help boost in their career and connection with their clients. 

Listen to the newest episode of my podcast below or anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Sharing ideas around special events or calendar days focused on health helps you show your clients that you’re mindful of their health beyond their workouts and training sessions. It helps you move towards wellness in your business by connecting with organizations and events that are being talked about thereby building your brand and credibility. 

Your next great opportunity to celebrate a special event? April 7th is World Health Day Stay tuned for some of my ideas to build your community thanks to World Health Day!  


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