2020 Fitness Trends Surveys: Was I Right?

Last spring, I wrote a blog series as a tool to help differentiate between quick burning fads and trends that have staying power.  I didn’t want you to spend a moment of your precious time or a dollar of your hard-earned money before reading and reflecting on The Next Big Things: Top 3 Trends for 2020

The fitness education companies have now begun to release their findings for the biggest trends for our industry this year and I  was curious to see if my predictions matched the ones of fitness professionals and experts.

As you read the survey findings and reports please remember some of the insights I’ve shared with your regarding them; All surveys have an inherent bias. Simply by one or many people at the organization selecting the list of trends for their members/audience to choose from. Many of us don’t have the patience for long surveys which means the longer the list, the more likely we are to choose from the ones near the top. Most organizations won’t vary the sequence therefore those could very well get chosen more often.

The question used to help their audience select the trends is critical. For example, canfitpro has often used the question “Which of the following do you feel will be the most effective trend?” The word effective was meant for their member to consider the trend that will have a greater impact on their clients’ success vs simply being “trendy”.

ACSM Fitness Trends: Top 3

  1. Wearable Technology
  2. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  3. Group Training

I invite you to read their full report and article which includes information on their survey audience, selection of trends included, regional differences, etc. 

canfitpro Fitness Trends: Top 3

  1. Active Recovery
  2. Functional Fitness
  3. HIIT

I again invite you to read their article to see which trends remained from 2019, which ones didn’t make the cut, and the newbies on the list. 

My Fitness Trends: Top 3

As a reminder my Top 3 Trends were:

  1. Active Recovery and Mindfulness
  2. Fast and Focused Workouts
  3. What Was Old is New Again

Now What?

It looks like some of my predictions were right on the money, but what truly matters is how you now don’t get overwhelmed by those long lists and wonder where to go from here! Rolling with the tide of trends is critical to our success as we are in the business of offering health and fitness as a service; we therefore need to meet the needs of our customers. The trick is to take a step back and identify how we can tweak our readily available content, programs, and offers.

I provide the best recipes in my Thriving Through Fitness Trends virtual workshop to help you know how to navigate the top 2020 trends, and how to differentiate from fads that are about to sizzle away.


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