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Do you wish someone else could handle the staff issues so you could get back to your “real work” of running your fitness business?

Have you read a bunch of leadership books yet still feel like you’re not the best leader you can be?

Do you wish your staff would just simply show up, be happy, and do their jobs?

Do you crave feeling more productive as a manager and business leader?

Do you wish you knew how to keep your staff motivated?

You’re not alone, and I can help!  I promise you that leadership doesn’t have to be this hard. 

There are tools that you can quickly add to your repertoire than will make you feel better about leadership, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

It’s gonna be fine, and it’s gonna be fun!

What You Get

By signing up for Joie de Lead you’ll get access to the following services and be on your way to a more fulfilling fitness career:

Customization Call

1:1 coaching means you get what YOU need from Joie de Lead. This call therefore allows me to understand your unique needs at this point in time in your leadership. We’ll work together to determine the outcomes that are most meaningful to you and your business.

1:1 Coaching Calls

8 weeks of calls when you’ll have my undivided attention and care. I’ll passionately support you to implement solutions that will have result in more positive relationships. We’ll work strategically to have a powerful impact on your leadership growth.

Path to Continual Success

What’s mine is yours! Based on your unique goals I’ll connect you with opportunities to continue on your path including books, e-learning, seminars, conferences, mentors, and more.

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