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Following a successful career as a corporate executive in the health and fitness industry for two decades, Nathalie Lacombe now brings her drive and optimism to you! 

Nathalie is recognized in the industry for passionate leadership, operational excellence, as well as diligent commitment to success. 

“I take my positivity very seriously!”

Now, she is providing fitness professionals, managers, and companies the support they need to thrive in business. Let her joyfully take your career and business to the next level.


Fitness Professionals

Do you need guidance to elevate your career? Nathalie has helped countless dedicated personal trainers & fitness instructors evolve from excellent to phenomenal to award winning!


Managers & Leaders

Are you craving the opportunity to grow as a leader? Nathalie will guide you through a growth strategy of optimism, trust, and solutions to help you thrive, no matter the size of your team.


Education Companies

Are you looking to grow your fitness education business? Nathalie provides all of the market penetration strategies that will impact your success quickly and effectively!


Conferences & Corporations

Searching for a speaker for mindfulness, leadership, and wellness? Nathalie has passionately shared her inspirational insights with international audiences for over 25 years.
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