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As an entrepreneur, you need and deserve market penetration strategies that impact your success quickly and effectively. Nathalie provides solutions based on your specific desire for growth and her established knowledge and influence within the fitness, health and wellness industry.

Do you want 10 tips to teach through a camera?

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Clients share their experience

Nathalie is the consummate professional and has been a pleasure to work with. Our MANIA® Fitness Convention attendees love her! We are excited to bring her to the Club Industry Business Summits that we run throughout the USA.
Sara Kooperman
CEO, SCW Fitness Education
Nathalie is perhaps the perfect combination as a results driven leader who also has tremendous compassion and caring for her team. She is an absolute pleasure to be around and one of the kindest people I’ve known in my years with GoodLife and canfitpro. Nathalie has boundless energy and is equally comfortable speaking one-on-one with direct reports or to an auditorium filled with thousands of people.
Steve Groves
CIO, GoodLife Fitness
Nathalie is extremely organized and can effectively multi-task to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely manner.  She has an excellent rapport with employees, investors, clients, and other professional organizations. This is particularly valuable for our company. I would highly recommend Nathalie; she would be an asset to any company.
Suaad Ghadban
Founder of Hot Booty Ballet


Fresh Out of Ideas for Social Media?

We all feel it; the pressure to post “something” on social media when we’re drawing a blank. Most of us didn’t become fitness professionals out of a burning desire for content creation yet here we are, feeling like we compete with influencers with huge audiences and a constant stream of ideas for posts/reels/stories/shorts/etc. on social media.  I’ve been there, and so have all my career coaching clients. Here are my top tips to ease the frustration and a couple of fresh ideas.  Social Media Top Tips Consistency matters more than frequency  Most fitness pros who don’t really use social media say

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À court d’idées pour les médias sociaux ?

À court d’idées pour les médias sociaux ? Nous le ressentons tous : la pression de publier ” quelque chose ” sur les médias sociaux lorsque nous sommes à court d’idées. La plupart d’entre nous ne sont pas devenus des professionnels du conditionnement physique en raison d’un désir ardent de création de contenu, et pourtant nous sommes là, avec le sentiment d’être en concurrence avec des influenceurs qui ont une audience énorme et un flux constant d’idées pour des publications, des Reels, des vidéos, des courts-métrages, etc. sur les médias sociaux.  Je suis passée par là, et tous mes clients en

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Comment l’activité physique contribue-t-elle à la gestion du stress?

Les professionnels du conditionnement physique se doivent à eux-mêmes et à leurs clients de comprendre non seulement l’impact de l’exercice sur la santé physique, mais aussi les effets directs sur la santé mentale, y compris le stress et la résilience. Nous l’avons ressenti en nous-mêmes, nous l’avons entendu de nos clients, nous l’avons lu dans les journaux et nous le partageons en tant que résultat, mais comprendre le “comment” pourrait avoir un impact énorme sur la fidélité des clients, au-delà du taux de rétention de 50 % dans notre secteur d’activité. Cela nous aiderait également à nous rapprocher des 85 %

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How Exercise Helps Manage Stress

Fitness professionals owe it to themselves and their clients to not only understand how exercise impacts physical health, but also the direct effects on mental health including stress and resilience. We’ve felt it in ourselves, we hear it from our clients, we read about it in the news, and we share it as an outcome but understanding the “how” could have a huge impact on keeping clients beyond the 50% retention rate in our industry. It would also help us finally connect with and attract the 85% of the population that doesn’t use our services. Two ways to begin a meaningful

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Au Lit Avec L’industrie Et Alex Boily

Choisir NOTRE approche envers la santé et les changements positifs nous permettra d’accroitre notre impact. C’est certainement le cas pour Alex Boily, kinésiologue, qui a rassemblé une communauté de plus de 100,000 personnes en soulignant l’éducation et l’apprentissage.     Il partage comment son esprit de curiosité et de collaboration lui permet de s’éloigner du sentiment de rivalité et plutôt s’adresser à un public toujours grandissant.   Écoutez ci-dessous ou partout où vous écoutez des baladodiffusions. Page d’acceuil de balado Balado Apple Spotify Balado Google

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In Bed with Christine Conti & the Fitness Industry

Did you know 1/4 of adults are dealing with a chronic condition? Are you prepared to support them in their health and fitness goals? Christine Conti shares how learned to provide services to people with all kinds of abilities and build a more inclusive career and business. Christine is a best-selling author and award-winning international fitness educator and speaker who specializes in chronic conditions. After a life-altering diagnosis at the age of thirty, Christine has made it her mission to empower and inspire others to live more quality lives by taking control of their health and wellness and grow their “split-second

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