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Clients share their experience

Nathalie is the consummate professional and has been a pleasure to work with. Our MANIA® Fitness Convention attendees love her! We are excited to bring her to the Club Industry Business Summits that we run throughout the USA.
Sara Kooperman
CEO, SCW Fitness Education
Nathalie is perhaps the perfect combination as a results driven leader who also has tremendous compassion and caring for her team. She is an absolute pleasure to be around and one of the kindest people I’ve known in my years with GoodLife and canfitpro. Nathalie has boundless energy and is equally comfortable speaking one-on-one with direct reports or to an auditorium filled with thousands of people.
Steve Groves
CIO, GoodLife Fitness
Nathalie is extremely organized and can effectively multi-task to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely manner.  She has an excellent rapport with employees, investors, clients, and other professional organizations. This is particularly valuable for our company. I would highly recommend Nathalie; she would be an asset to any company.
Suaad Ghadban
Founder of Hot Booty Ballet


Au Lit Avec L’industrie Et Thibault Gonnet

Un gestionnaire chevronné de l’industrie du fitness, adopté par le Canada il y a 13 ans, Thibault Gonnet  a œuvré en Europe, Amérique du Nord et Asie. À la tête de Cardio Plein air, il partage lors de cette entrevue sa perspective unique sur le bien-être mental et physique grâce à des activités en plein air, mettant en avant le mouvement. Écoutez ci-dessous ou partout où vous écoutez des baladodiffusions. Page d’acceuil de balado Balado Apple Spotify Balado Google

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In Bed with Jessie Thomas & the Fitness Industry

From outdoor workouts in the winter to converting a barn into a fitness studio, Farm Girl Fitness has been pivoting from the very beginning to help its members keep active and stay mentally strong.Farm Girl Fitness owner Jessie Thomas turned the crisis of gym closures in 2020 into the creation of a fitness facility on her family’s farm where people could train in the safety and the beauty of nature and feel the support of community. Find out how becoming an entrepreneur helped Jessie thrive in her career, and build the community that made her an award-winning fitness pro! Listen to the newest episode of

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Sur la voix du bien-être 

Les besoins en matière de santé de nos clients ont évolués au-delà des séances d’entraînement, et nous sommes parfaitement en mesure de répondre à leurs besoins. Nos services portent sur l’espérance de vie et la longévité, la récupération et le sommeil, la gestion du stress et la santé mentale, et bien d’autre encore. Le marché mondial du bien-être représente 4,4 mille milliards de dollars et devrait atteindre 7 mille milliards de dollars d’ici 2025. Une étude du Global Wellness Institute (GWI) révèle que pour chaque augmentation annuelle d’environ 800 dollars des dépenses de bien-être par personne, le niveau de bonheur augmente

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Moving Towards Wellness

Our clients’ health and wellness needs have moved beyond workouts focused solely on physical health, and we are perfectly poised to meet their needs. With services including healthspan and longevity, recovery and sleep, stress management and mental health, and so much more.​The global wellness market is worth $4.4 trillion and is expected to reach $7 trillion by 2025. A Global Wellness Institute (GWI) study reveals that for every annual increase of around $800 in wellness spending per person, happiness levels rise by 7% and life expectancy by 1.26 years.​Distinguishing between fitness and wellness helps us see how to integrate our current

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Les conferences en présentiel en valent-elles le prix?

Investir du temps et de l’argent pour assister à un événement de fitness en présentiel et participer de la même manière qu’en ligne n’est pas un investissement rentable. Il vaut mieux rester chez soi et participer via la diffusion en direct ou regarder les sessions enregistrées. Pourquoi est-ce que j’assiste encore à des conférences en présentiel ? Il n’y a pas si longtemps, je me rendais à un événement de fitness par mois, souvent en tant que conférencière, mais aussi pour participer, réseauter et apprendre. Aujourd’hui, je choisis avec soin le temps que je passe hors de chez moi et à

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Are Live Conferences Worth the Money?

Investing time and money to attend a live fitness event and participate the same way you would online is not worthwhile. You’re better off staying home and joining via the live stream or watch the recorded sessions. Why do I still go to live conferences? Not so long ago, I would go to 1 fitness event per month, often as a presenter but also to participate, network, and learn. I now carefully choose my time away from home and working IN my business. Last week’s canfitpro’s 30th-anniversary conference and tradeshow were one of these times when spending five days working ON

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