Leaders Coaching Collective

Collective: a group of fitness leaders that are motivated by common issues and interests, and work together to achieve a common objective.


  • Are you often running into the same issues with your trainers, instructors, and coaches and wishing you could handle them quickly?
  • Do you feel like you’re stuck in the middle of the results your boss wants you to achieve and the needs of your team?
  • Do you struggle to manage fit pros with different personality types and from different generations?
  • Are you craving support from fellow leaders in the industry who are in the same boat, and a coach who will guide you to positive outcomes?
  • Do you wish you could discuss real-life fitness management situations and get turn-key solutions?


You’re not alone, and I can help!

I promise you that together, we will address the unique challenges of our industry and help you succeed with confidence.

From recruiting, to keeping your team motivated, to dealing with missed expectations, and so much more, this program will have you leading from a mindset of optimism thanks to solutions you can put in place immediately!

I’ve had the pleasure of leading teams of 5 to 500 in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years in a variety of settings and I KNOW what fit pros want from their leaders.

I’ve had more than my share of 3am “cortisol wake-up” moments dreading having to deal with staff issues and not knowing how difficult conversations would go… therefore avoiding them and crossing my fingers that things would just get better. They never do, and I’ve had to deal with the consequences of my innaction.

My Leaders Coaching Collective is the culmination of years of leadership highs and lows, learning, coaching, growing, and finally quitting my big executive position to do what I know will truly make a difference for leaders. I’m providing you with the safe space you need to connect with other fitness leaders and managers to effectively handle the challenges we all face together!

If you’re craving the opportunity to collaborate with other managers and get the coaching and solutions you deserve to grow as a leader then I’m excited to share:

Collective: a group of fitness leaders that are motivated by common issues and interests, and work together to achieve a common objective.


Hosted and led by Nathalie, the Collective addresses real-life challenges unique to our industry each week. Starting February 3rd, 2020,  we will come together and collaborate to develop, provide, and practice solutions to those challenges. Each Leaders Coaching Collective group call has a maximum of 10 leaders to ensure that you are heard and that your needs are addressed.

In order to ensure a cohesive mindset as we move towards our common objectives, all members of the Leaders Coaching Collective must have completed Nathalie’s free 4-part video series What Fit Pros Want From Their Leaders before joining.


We’ll tackle common staff leadership challenges including:

  • Recruiting the best talent for your team culture
  • Creating a culture of positivity
  • Running staff meetings your team will look forward to
  • Engaging and retaining your top talent
  • Handling missed expectations and conflict management
  • Performance management and dismissals
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Creating a positive relationship with your boss

Real-Life Challenges Addressed

Feature #1

Each Monday, starting Feb. 3rd, 2020, we choose real-life challenges unique to our industry. You’ll have the opportunity to reflect and consider best practices to address those challenges right away.

Group Coaching Calls

Feature #2

Each Wednesday at 2pm EST, you’ll join a group coaching call led by Nathalie to discuss and address that challenge together. You can be on the call live or watch the recorded call afterward.

Exclusive Facebook Group

Feature #3

Members of Leaders Coaching Collective have access to an exclusive online Facebook community where they can connect, ask questions, and share ideas whenever needed.

Imagine confidently handling your toughest managerial challenges thanks to the support of others who are dealing with the same situations, and coaching from a leading industry insider!

Nathalie is an amazing coach who offers hands on methods to any leader in the fitness field. Her group coaching programs are organized, professional, current and include homework! She has immense knowledge in the field and has held positions in all aspects of fitness. This is what makes her unique...not to mention her Canadian sense of humor.
Mary Pat McGuire
Fitness Manager

Leaders Coaching Collective is a unique and exciting group coaching program for leaders who crave collaborative efforts towards turn-key solutions!

I can highly recommend Nathalie’ coaching program. She knows the fitness industry! She is very knowledgeable, passionate, and will support you to achieve your goals and inspire you to think bigger, to become your best self.
Monika Bock
Studio Owner


4-part video series: What Fit Pros Want From Their Leaders


Calm and Confident: 5 Minutes for Challenging Conversations


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Leaders Coaching Collective was created for leaders and managers in the fitness industry who:

  • Have been in a leadership role for at least 1 year
  • Leads teams of 3 to 300
  • Are coachable, and willing to collaborate and contribute to the Collective for greater success
  • Are prepared to take action and grow quickly as a leader
I have had the great privilege of receiving the judicious coaching advice of Nathalie Lacombe. My experience has been constructive, positive and very powerful. I was always looking forward to the next call and I was always looking forward to seeing what a challenge Nathalie had for me. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with this incredible woman. Thank you Nathalie!
Anie Villeneuve
Education Director MATRIX Canada

Leaders Coaching Collective is a unique and exciting group coaching program for leaders who crave collaborative efforts towards turn-key solutions!

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