What is 'Joie de Lead'?

The 8-week 1:1 coaching program for fitness managers to take you from frustrated with staff issues to confident and happy as a leader knowing you can handle tough challenges quickly and effectively.

Leadership Assessment

Determine and fulfill your own
authentic leadership style

Develop a Culture

Create and implement the culture that
supports your business goals


Learn to recruit staff in a way the attracts and
repels in accordance to your culture


Learn how to retain the right staff
members for your team

Skills Development

Develop the soft skills required to
succeed as a leader

HR Management

Learn to handle the most difficult HR issues
quickly and confidently


Feel empowered to bring joy back
to your leadership!

The Benefits

  1. Assess your leadership style and how it determines the culture of your team
  2. Assess your team members and determine if they’re in the right roles
  3. Ensure you have the right fit of time spent IN your business vs ON your business
  4. Prioritize the difficult conversations you need to have, prepare for them, and feel empowered to take action
  5. Utilize mindfulness techniques to become more effective as a leader
  6. Go beyond the scripts of leadership “best practices” and execute from your own genuine caring leadership
  7. Grow your confidence and joy related to your leadership
  8. Build strategies to run your business from a place of trust, optimism, and positivity

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Imagine leaving work each day knowing you’ve risen to the challenge of leadership, and you even enjoyed it!

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